When Fall arrives...

every photographer knows what that means. A backlog of weddings and family sessions, and personally I am all here for it! Family sessions is something I have fallen in love with over time. When I first started, I dreaded family sessions, but with a little patience, practice and change of perspective, I started to enjoy this fast pace and wild session. Families show a lot of emotion and dynamics are rapidly changing, so for a photographer this can be a challenge, but also is something well deserving of the "photographer" title.

Weddings forced me to get better at photographing families. Much of a wedding is capturing families, and everything that comes with it. Lets be honest with ourselves here, when two people get married, so does two families, so being able to capture that is special. When a photographer tells me they "hate photographing families, but love capturing weddings" that throws a red flag to me. Like huh?

Regardless, this is one of my newest passions and the more I capture families, the more my heart grows.

Here are some amazing images of my time with Kylee B Photography and her family.

Location: The Honeyclub Studio, York Pa

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