My dear friend, Brittany Bear and her Husband Zach, welcomed their second child, Boden into the world just days ago. I was so blessed and honored that she asked me to capture their first moments as a family together. The short and quick moments that exist with a newborn are so special and fleeting. I really enjoyed watching from behind the lens as they bonded and shared special moments together.

Brittany's style perfectly curated a nursery that made me swoon with delight. The bold and bohemian colors that represented the southwest, the beautiful warm tones that filled the room and the abundant natural light that created a soft environment were so inspiring. So inspiring that I want to pay her to re-model my home, lol.

My goal of the photoshoot was to gather detail shots, documentary and editorial moments with limited posing. Brittany wanted me to capture their time together as if I was a fly on the wall. So a fly I became, and quite honestly, I am rather proud of the moments I gathered.