Every photographer has their favorite venue(s), and Historic Shady Lane is most likely in their top 5 if not their number 1. The venue is large with shade, charm and romantic backdrops that can create a dreamy atmosphere for the bride + groom, guests, and wedding party (not to mention the vendors). Located in Central York (Manchester) in a quant private estate surrounded with creeks, and valleys filled with colonial stone buildings, overgrown vegetation and vintage greenhouses it fits anyone with Bohemian dreams.

The grounds are beautifully kept and cared for, and the team on site is exceptional in customer service.

All vendors are always excited when knowing their couple books their wedding here.

As a photographer, I was overflowing with excitement when I arrived to Historic Shady Lane. Its been on my list as a venue I have been dreaming to photograph a wedding at, and my dreams came true when my friend Kari Lehman asked me to second shoot with her at this venue for her couple back in June. I was ecstatic, and as the day started I learned quickly how incredibly stunning this wedding was going to be to capture.

Be sure to scroll down to see the most beautiful charcuterie board crafted the talent Jovi Events.

All photos taken when supporting Free Your Mind Photos.

Edited by me as well.