New venues and styles are trending everywhere. In Central Pennsylvania, several new wedding venues are established every year for the past decade thanks to population growth and a strong local economy. One category of wedding venues that is on the rise locally, is renovated farms and barns.

Many new investors in the local Central Pa region (York, Lancaster + Harrisburg), are purchasing old farms for sale and flipping them into event venues. Barns are the most favorited and popular venues in the 2020's due to their nature of practicality. Barns are not only more affordable but are well rounded for a variety of styles and can house a large number of wedding guests, sometimes up to 200 and beyond.

Barns generally are well lit, and with the large amounts of wood can create a warm toned wedding with rich colors. Wedding styles that fit with a barn wedding include: bohemian, rustic, modern farmhouse, and elegant countryside. The florals can be bright, earth toned or subtle when pairing the colors with this type of venue.

For more ideas + inspiration of a Barn wedding, scroll down through the images I captured when second shooting for Free Your Mind Photos this past June. All images edited by me.

Venue: Honeysuckle Ridge

Address: 71 Mccalls Ferry Rd, Airville, PA 17302